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04 March 2023

Cultural impacts are all around us, from the music we tune in to and the food we consume, to the people we all interact with. The most powerful of these happen to be those we are closest to, like family and friends.

For Latin Americans, familismo is definitely a important worth. It is the notion that family is central to one’s information, and that one’s own needs must take a lower back seat towards the needs belonging to the larger home unit. It includes a powerful sense of obligation to family members, with all the expectation that children should obey father and mother and reverence elders (Suizzo et approach., 2012).

As part of this lifestyle of familismo, Latin Travelers value extended family and good friends meeting women in costa rica very highly. They love to speak about their families, and are generally very appreciative of those who have helped these people somehow. In fact , several will even communicate affection pertaining to distant relatives that they’ve by no means met. Latin Americans in addition have a great dignity for those who are in positions of power and leadership, featuring a good of calmness that is sometimes unexpected. This is evident in their common use of the length “Dios te bendiga” (“God bless you”).

Although Latin America shares several cultural attributes, such as the major language of Spanish and the religion of Catholicism, it also has its own unique regional characteristics. In particular, the existence of African culture brought by Africans in the Trans-Atlantic former slave trade has affected dance, music, cuisine and some syncretic religious practices in the countries that constitute the region.

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